Who are we?

Sharing your location is a very commonplace affair that we often need, but sharing the addresses of places where we aren’t located is difficult. We wanted to put an end to this ordeal and make it simple. With MyLoc you can create addresses, save them for a lifetime, and share them even without the internet. MyLoc app also offers you some more features and utilities.

What is MyLoc?

MyLoc provides you with a location pin of your choice for any address or location that you can share even verbally. On clicking on that location pin, anyone can locate your address. In simple words, it is an easy way to share your address even without the internet.

How does MyLoc App help?

MyLoc Digital Address App helps you create an accurate and unique location pin for any address with a customized name according to your choice. For example, you can create a digital address code for your home with a custom name like “MyLoc.in/SweetHome”. You can own this customized digital address for a lifetime and share it with any visitors to locate your address. The MyLoc location pin is user-friendly, can be accessed through any device, and shared verbally or through text messages also. The digital addresses created by MyLoc are easy to remember, offer extra security and faster navigation, and are free to use.

Why MyLoc when there’s Google Maps?

Try locating your house on Google Maps and sending the location when you are in your office. Google Maps help you create locations in real-time. MyLoc helps to create location Pins of any addresses or locations that you can share irrespective of where you are. You can also create a location pin for your home or office that you can share when needed irrespective of wherever you are in the world. That makes life easier. It offers extra security and confidentiality and it’s free for a lifetime. Apart from these, the MyLoc app allows you to enjoy added facilities and utilities.

What are the other utilities available on MyLoc app?

Apart from creating MyLoc location pins for easy location sharing, you have other utilities on the MyLoc app available under advanced features of the app. They are

  • You can find the nearest fuel pumping stations, hotels and restaurants, and shopping malls near any of the location pins.
  • You can find the distance between any of the location pins like your home or office or any other location pins shared with you.
  • Additionally, you can get the weather report for any location. All you have to do is enter the location pin, you get the report instantly.

Why should you download the MyLoc App?

  • MyLoc app allows you to create up to five location pins absolutely free that you can easily share with your visitors.
  • You don’t have to sign in each time you create a MyLoc location pin.
  • Get updates on locations, landmarks, and other utility centers like shopping malls, fuel pumping stations, hotels and restaurants, weather reports, and others from the MyLoc app.

The best part is you can share your MyLoc location pin just like your email ID. So, download the app and start sharing the MyLoc location pins. Use it once to experience the difference it makes in your life.