Difference between Google maps and Myloc location pin

What is Google Maps?

Just imagine, thirty years back when there was no Google, people had to carry a map when they used to travel. A map is used to guide them while going on a trip or a vacation to find their way when lost. Technology was not very advanced during that time as there were very rare or no people having mobile phones.

However, Android and IOS mobiles were introduced a few years back, comprising various applications for our ease. One of them is Google Maps. Google Maps is a service provided by Google itself. It can be installed on your mobile, laptops, and even cars.

It is a free application that works with the internet which tells you the location pin and can also be retrieved through a web browser. You can search for a location, and step-by-step directions will appear. It also has a feature of voice navigation that keeps you updated on the routes and turns. You can get information about plenty of locations through Google Maps, such as recreational places, parks, restaurants, and whatnot! It also keeps you updated about any traffic jams on your route, so you can change your selected route.

Does Google Give My Location Accurately?

Google Maps comprises the map of the whole world, unlike the old maps, which are limited to a country or a region only. Another feature of Google Maps is the ‘Street view’, which indicates the pictorial representation of the streets and everything around it on the map.

For the ease of users, Google Maps has set landmarks for every famous or well-known place or area. Thus, if you find difficulty in finding an address directly, you may search for the nearest prominent place, and you will find it just right there on the map. This makes it easier to look for the desired location, as you can zoom in on the streets to see the perfect location. Such as, if some home addresses are difficult to find as they are not recognized on the maps, you can look for the nearest landmark and pin the address you want to reach.

Sometimes Google Maps can prove to be inaccurate due to irregular GPS tracking or errors. Such a problem can lead to a disastrous situation and can be full of hassle.

How MyLoc Helps in Sharing Your Address?

Myloc is an application introduced to ease the difficulties of finding addresses. It allows you to name your location and get it registered on Myloc web and mobile applications. Myloc has put a full stop to the hassle of address hunting, whether it is any house or office. It is in India and caters to the needs of people concerning location sharing.

All you have to do is sign up to avail of the service through a guide provided on the web page find the location of your home or office on the map and pin your address. It also allows you to name your place! Is that not amazing? It makes your location stand out, and with a short and simple address code, anyone can search for your precise location without facing any obstacles.

What makes the MyLoc application the best is you can share your location pin even without the internet! Therefore, you do not have to depend on various amenities to access this service. For example, people no longer have to search for a well-known landmark near their location to find their address, as through Myloc, you can get your address to become a landmark on the map itself.

The conversion of old physical addresses to digital addresses has a variety of benefits. For example, it enables you to share your location pin through a single click over a text message. Digital addresses can also be related verbally over a call.

MyLoc allows you to modify your address or delete it anytime you want to. It is free and full of advantages. Do you want your groceries delivered or invite someone over, but they face problems while reaching your Location? Well, stress no more; Myloc has it solved for you. Just share the custom name you have selected for your address and relax!


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