Everything is going digital. What about your address?

Why the Digital World Needs a Digital Address?

The technology-driven world calls for a digital code for your address to make location sharing easy. Are you ready to adapt to this change?

Earlier the location share was done by drawing lines on paper, next it was the paper maps, then came phone calls where an individual used to direct the person to reach home while being on the call, and now it’s the digital location share. Certainly, the world is advancing every day at a very high pace, and it calls for redefining the location share. 

With eCommerce reaching out to every nook and corner of the globe, home address is being shared with a lot of people every day. It is kind of a routine to explain or share the location address. Everyday task! 

When a task is to be done almost daily, it becomes mundane yet important. In such a situation it is best to have a permanent solution for a routine task. And fortunately, a solution exists that aligns with the digital world seamlessly. The said solution has answers to all the problems related to location sharing and reaching the given location. So, what is it?

It is MyLoc, the location sharing service. MyLoc offers a unique location share service that allows one and all to create a customized digital location for home/office/any other place. 

User-Friendly Digital Address with MyLoc

MyLoc users can give the name to their respective location and share it with the people. The location pin created with MyLoc is easy to remember and simple to share. Once the location pin for the home/office/any other place is created, it stays the same until the user changes it. 

One might wonder, why is it important to have a digital address to be user-friendly. It is the need of the hour because it saves a lot of invaluable time in sharing the location umpteen times with different people reaching the home for various reasons like delivery personnel, friends coming from far-off locations, repair, and maintenance representatives, and so on. 

In today’s highly time-monitored period, it is ideal to respect everyone’s time and for this, it is kind of appropriate to have a user-friendly system for a regular task that can be done most simply without demanding much time from either person involved in it. Create a user-friendly digital address with MyLoc and save time, yours, and the person coming to meet you!  

Customize Location Pin with MyLoc

Being unique in today’s populated world is essential as it gives the sense of identity that is important for staying happy and keep going on. Now imagine, in the same populated world where there are homes at every step, what would be the probability of getting lost? Certainly, the probability is very high! How it can be resolved? The answer is simple – have a customized location pin for your home with MyLoc and give a unique identity to your home. 

Your home needs a unique identity to make it easy for people to reach the address in one go without any hassles, without any tribulations of asking the people walking on the road, calling the homeowner, by being lost! It is a thing of the past. 

Evolve into the new world that is driven by technology. Give a name to your home with a unique location pin, and customize it with MyLoc. For example:

  • Myloc.in/sweethome 
  • Myloc.in/appahome
  • Myloc.in/greenabode
  • Myloc.in/couplenest 

Be creative, add emotions, align with the trend, and create customized location pins with MyLoc as you want. There are no constraints on anything, there is no money involved, and there are no troubles at all! It is easy to create a MyLoc location pin and name it as you wish. The customized location pin is easy to recall without any effort.

Additionally, a picture of the home can also be added when creating a MyLoc location pin for the home/office/any other place. It further makes it seamless for people to reach the desired location. 

Digital Code of Address on Smartphone

Technology leads to quick upgrades! The smartphone is one such device upgrade for desktops and laptops. Most of the daily transactions are happening on smartphones. Adapting to the technology, MyLoc is prompt to be with the change. To make it quick and effortless for all to create a customized location pin for home/office/any other place, MyLoc has an app available on Playstore and AppStore for Android and iPhone users respectively. 

MyLoc, the location-sharing service, leaves no stone unturned to simplify the location-sharing task for its users. Additionally, the app is being upgraded consistently to add new features with the same aim to streamline routine tasks. Once the app is downloaded on the smartphone, the first thing is to create the customized location pin for the home and workplace, followed by leveraging the different features. 

Usually anything digital costs a substantial amount of money in installation costs, renewal costs, taxes, etc. The cost is explained as an operational expense, maintenance expense, and so on. But the MyLoc pin is free! There are no charges at all. MyLoc aims to make the location-sharing task easy and bring much-needed convenience to life. Why go through the stress of explaining the directions to people when MyLoc is there? 

The time is here to reduce the long complex address of home/office into short digital links that are easy to remember and effortless to share. MyLoc digital code for the location also displays a postal address that can be viewed if the location pin owner permits the same.  

Change is one thing that is consistent in life. And adapting to the digital world is one of the mandatory changes. Sooner or later, people will have to take this journey of digital transformation in their personal and professional lives. A digital address is a must so have one exclusively for your home. 

Gone are the days of old methods of location share. Adapt with the change to be with the time as the world changes. Make things easy for routine tasks.

Go Digital. Own a MyLoc pin for your home today!


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