As the world is advancing every day, our electronic devices are getting smarter and smarter. A smart device is what has made our life less complicated and easier. There are various types of smart devices such as smartwatches, smartphones, smart cars, smart refrigerators, etc., and whatnot. Technology has worked hard in advancing and making our everyday life easier. Generally, an electronic device is connected to different other networks or devices through wireless technologies. Let us talk about smart bulbs. Such bulbs have the technology fed in them which can be operated through your mobile phones. Through a simple tap, you can change the color of the bulb, its intensity, lighting, or even turn it on or off. Is that not amazing? That too just by a SINGLE TAP. You do not have to get out of your cozy bed to turn the lights off, all you have to do is pull out your phone, open the linked application and operate the bulb by laying down in your bed. A smartphone was once a luxury, and now it is a necessity. Every person nowadays owns a smartphone and most people run their businesses through them. All you require is an Internet connection and a smartphone and you can do wonders. Plenty of such devices and services are introduced which have made our life easier than ever. Who thought life would be this easier and such advanced devices will be introduced?

So, when the world is advancing every day at a very high pace, why should our addressing system stay the same old and slow? We should also take initiatives towards the progress of our home addresses. Various applications have been launched to work on this aspect. Finding an address can be a huge task especially in India, as most of the addresses do not have proper recognition. As the community has shifted to online services and applications for merely everything, switching to digital addresses has become the new normal. This way a lot of address-related problems in India have been resolved. If your address is properly registered on an application, anyone can reach you in no time without facing any obstacles may it be the delivery services company or any of your friends or relative. If you have a digital address, you can simply tap and share it with anyone anywhere in the world.

In the past times, people used to note down addresses in diaries or notebooks and struggled to locate them. As of now, everything is advanced to a great extent, so is the location service. The maps allow you to look for anywhere in the whole wide world. India introduced a location service under the name ‘’, this service providing website is feasible and has provided a great advantage for the people living in India. A few areas of India are very narrow and overlapped which makes it almost impossible to locate them on the map.

Myloc provides the opportunity to a person to locate and pin their address on the worldwide web. Everyone now asks to share your location whether it is a family member, friend, or service provider. The world we live in today requires your location in almost every service. Whether you are ordering groceries or food or if you place an order online for clothing or other stuff. The location sharing enables the ease of reaching ti someone’s house without any problems of entering the wrong lanes.

All the locations are represented on the Google maps however the house addresses may appear faulty or direct you to an improper location. An app like MyLoc is developed to provide you a stand to mark your location on the world wide web, it then provides you with a shareable location pin that can be shared with anyone at any time without the dire need of internet. MyLoc is a free service, the subscriber has to sign up once and avail the service of location sharing.

The streets in some parts of India are quite tapered which makes it difficult to find such locations on a map. You may find it on the maps after struggling for a while whereas, it still may not be correct due to overlapping streets. MyLoc has a solution to all such problems. It provides you the platform to make your home address a landmark. By following a few steps to sign up you can locate your address once on the map and register it. It is high time you convert your home address to a digital one. All you need is to sign up on Myloc, pin your address on the world wide web and get your personalized pin. Myloc provides you the great benefit of sharing your location without an internet connection. You can share your address over a phone call, or a simple text, and the other person can access it and reach you without any hassle!


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