Convenient Location Sharing
Convenient Location Sharing

One of the most common things that we do today is sharing our address with some service provider or the other. This is because while earlier you had to go to get services, the world has changed and now service comes to you. Today all services are provided to you in the comfort of your home, and the outside world has been left for commercial service providers. The future we live in now is a world where all your needs will be met by service providers of every type that are found online. One of the requirements of this digital world is the need to share your address with service providers repeatedly. Whether you’re calling a cab or planning on getting something delivered to your location, you will need to share your address.

MyLoc shareable location advantages;

The concept behind having a digital address that is easy to share is a perfectly simple and useful service. While this service may be new in the market, it is sure to become the way of the future because of its perfect practical application and easy usage. We are already in the future, and gradually everyone will wake up to this reality by seeing and realizing the changes that have already happened around us. Due to these changes, we now live in a digital world that is driven by digital apps to reach services and products online. Following this, we need to direct those service providers to our location, for this very purpose, the MyLoc digital key has been ‘conceptualized and actualized’ for you to use.

Now using the MyLoc digital address you do not even need to pull up an app to share the location you wish to, all you need to do is verbally share the link/digital address ie; or Depending on the name you select for your location while creating the myloc digital address. The process of creating your digital address is also a simple one, all you need to do is visit the MyLoc website and fill in the 2-minute procedure on the home page that consists all your details related to creating your own personalized shareable digital address. The service is free and you can create 2 distinct addresses on one account. Generally, these are meant for your 2 permanent locations i.e. home and place of work. These are the two addresses that people tend to share the most with service providers.

Advantages of the MyLoc shareable address;

One of the primary advantages of the MyLoc shareable address is the fact that you do not need to rely on an internet connection to share the location. If you are a business owner and wish to direct clients to your office for a future meeting, all you need to do is share the digital address ( with them either over the phone or by text message and they will find the address. This is a whole lot better way than following the traditional “take a left from there and when you reach the landmark take a right…..etc” instructions. Even after these extensive instructions, the norm was that you would receive multiple phone calls from the person you were directing, and yet they sometimes do not follow your instructions accurately and end up getting lost making you spend the next half hour directing them over the phone.

To avoid getting into situations like these anymore, all you have to do is pin your address using  MyLoc and share it hassle-free. Now you can share your address just by saying “type in and it will pull up my office location on your device”.  The benefits of the MyLoc shareable address are unlimited and with the growing number of online services, the requirements of sharing your address will further increase. Therefore, it makes a ton of sense to have a shareable address that does not require digital apps of any kind to share. This is a service that is the way of the future, it’s free, easy to create, and easy to share as well.

Conclusion; For more information related to the use and creation of a unique shareable address on MyLoc, you can visit our home page. If you are looking for additional information related to MyLoc services, you can visit our website that consists of all the important information regarding  MyLoc digital addresses accurately. If you would like to reach us we encourage you to contact us via our contact page.


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