Myloc ID is the new landmark

The Significance of Accurate Address Landmarks for Location Sharing in India

When it comes to sharing your location in India, having a reliable landmark in your address can make all the difference. In the era of the internet and excessive digital applications, being accessible is a basic need. Whether you want to get groceries delivered or if you are in a medical emergency requiring urgent help, you cannot afford to waste your time explaining your location to the other person in a hurry. However, sharing your location can be a challenge in India, as the streets are narrow and overlapped, making it difficult to locate your home or shop on the maps. In such a scenario, having an accurate and reliable addressing system with a prominent landmark becomes even more crucial.

Myloc is a service created for your ease. It provides you the liberty to give your house a digital nameplate. All you have to do is pin your address on the maps and name it. Naming your house/location makes it a unique address to locate quickly.

Myloc was established by keeping in mind the general problems faced while sharing a location through navigation. For example, a person may not always have an internet connection, due to which you can not share your location. Myloc has made it possible to share your location with or without internet facilities. You simply have to tap and send your pin through a simple text, and the recipient will receive your location.

Maps make it relatively more manageable for a person to locate a place and even more convenient if you sign up on Myloc and pin your location. Your Myloc ID adds a landmark on the maps, which makes your address effortlessly easy to find. Myloc ID makes your location a shareable address.

The Ultimate Solution for Easy and Accurate Address Marking

What in general is a landmark? A landmark marks a place or an address on the maps that can be recognized easily. It helps a person to make their location known. In the concerns of a location, the known location is regarded as a landmark. As you can easily capture a store, libraries, educational institutes, parks, and other things on the maps, you can easily tap on them to access the accurate location. The indication is marked through a bubble with a specific mark on it. This mark makes it clear and notable on the maps to find a particular location.

Myloc ID is a very successful initiative that enables you to mark your location, whether an office or your home, as a landmark on the maps. It allows you to set a unique name for your location through which it will be identified. Anyone can search for your pin address through the name of your location. You can simply sign up on Myloc and create a digital representation for your location. It gives an identity to your beloved home that you can share with anyone at the last minute by simply tapping on it.

Furthermore, it provides you a platform to add a picture of your home so it can be easily identified, is that not great? Each person can have customized IDs for their locations and can set multiple pins on them. It saves valuable time, which otherwise is wasted in guiding people about the area.

Myloc has solved all of these issues by providing a platform through which you can share your location with a single tap. No internet? No worries! There are plenty of benefits of location pin as it makes it less complicated and reduces the hassle of finding an address. Another great benefit of Myloc is that your pin location can be deleted, changed, or recreated anytime you want. All you require is one-time signup, and all your worries are over.

The founder of the Myloc company, Neel Sinha, realized the actual obstacles behind finding an address physically and how it can all be solved through digital addresses. So, the idea of this platform originated. A platform that enables you to set shareable digital addresses under unique names. No internet is required to do so.

Myloc has made a place in the world through digital addresses. It is a simple and accurate way of sharing addresses digitally and quits the reliance on the internet and other devices for access.


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