Importance of a sharable location PIN

The big black address books that people used to maintain have now retired to the age of the dinosaurs. No one uses written locations or verbal/ physical location sharing anymore…Nowadays all you hear from friends, family members, colleagues, professionals, service men, delivery guys and indeed the whole world is…please share your location. Therefore there cannot be more importance attached to the activity of location sharing.

Why is Location sharing important?

Location sharing is almost inevitable in today’s world. Not only would you need to share your location with everyday service providers like grocery delivery, food delivery, and online shopping platforms but there are several situations where sharing location becomes extremely critical.  Suppose you are lost in a remote location and you need to let the cab driver know your home location so that you can safely reach home. Without the aid of a location sharing service you will be stuck narrating a bunch of directions to the cab driver and that itself becomes a big ordeal.  Sharing your location digitally makes the job super easy and the sender and receiver both avoid confusion.

How Location Sharing Happens?

Google Maps recognizes locations in a flash be it an office or a shop or a hospital or any other building of importance. However, when it comes to private residences Google might falter at times especially if the location is in a residential area or a lesser known lane or by lane. This is when the confusion arises and the need for an exclusive Location pin becomes important. A sharable location Pin will uniquely mark your location like your phone number marks you. There are a lot of location sharing service providers in the market these days but not all of them offer the same quality of service or same levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. The best option is to look for a location sharing service that’s affordable, user friendly, simple to use and offers a lot of value in terms of generating unique location pin.

The Advantage of MyLOC

MyLoc is an innovative and smart service that makes Location sharing super easy. Once a subscriber signs up MyLoc for free, the service allows the subscriber to choose his/ her customized location name and then generates a sharable location pin that exists for ever and is uniquely owned by the subscriber. In fact, one subscription gets a subscriber two location pins with unique customizable names. This will ensure that both professional and personal locations can be shared with unique names. The My Loc unique Location Pins can be as cute or as funky or as quirky or even as professional as you want…. unleash your creativity and own your location today!! Visit now.


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