Traditional VS modern ways of addressing

How does MyLoc help with India’s address issues?

Finding addresses in India is one of the biggest problems since most addresses in the country are not registered properly and systematically. Recently, millions of users and consumers have shifted to online services. The shift in consumer shopping patterns has resulted in a serious need to address this problem. Digital addresses have resolved this problem of address accuracy that would otherwise be extremely difficult to fix. A digital address code or a location pin allows you to click on it or tap on your mobile and get the directions on Google Maps or any one of the Global Positioning Systems or GPS Location apps straight away.

Creating a digital address on MyLoc is a simple process and you will find that all the information to pin your address is right on the homepage of the website. The MyLoc personalized code allows you to digitally pin your address and is accessible through both the GPS tracker app for Android and the GPS tracker app for iPhone. You can share your address over a phone call and do not need the internet to share your digital address. It is easy to remember, and the service provider can use any device connected to the internet to get your location. It is a hassle-free process that saves you time and effort. Try it out to feel the difference it makes in your life.

What are the consequences of hard-to-find addresses on logistics companies?

The Impact of Inaccurate Addresses on Business and Economy is more significant than expected.

Logistics organizations need to know exactly where their delivery points are to maximize the efficiency of delivery services. Some of the essential functions of logistics firms are mentioned below.

1. Assigning parcels and packages to the correct delivery center for dispatch.                                           

2. Assigning the courier/parcel to the correct destination hub for shipment.                                                

3. Processing the delivery to exact locations.

If an address is properly registered and easy to locate, it makes the job of logistic companies easier and helps in delivering their services quicker. Numerous consumers do not have accurate addresses and pin codes written on several parcels, due to which the couriers end up reaching the wrong addresses. This often leads to additional costs to reship the parcels.

When an address is not easy to locate due to the absence of a systematic layout of the region, it ends up in delays. In fact, the ‘last-mile delivery’ is the most critical and time-consuming if the address is confusing. Such delays not only result in massive losses for logistics companies and courier companies but also cause dissatisfaction among their customers.

The damages of such delays and additional costs run into countless crores of rupees being lost every year.

For any logistics company to optimize its business operations and maximize profits, they need to be able to find an address quickly and accurately. The solution provided by MyLoc enables consumers to provide precise directions and thereby helps logistics and courier companies locate any digital address easily and quickly. As a result, the service provider, as well as the receiver, benefit by being able to locate the address accurately and timely.

How does MyLoc improve GPS app location sharing?

Many GPS apps are commonly used nowadays to help people share their digital locations. One of these apps is WhatsApp, which is commonly used by users to share their locations. Although WhatsApp is used to share locations, the digital location is taken from Google Maps or some other GPS Location apps, which is often not accurate other than your current location. MyLoc takes away this difficulty and helps you create any location pin for any location or spot. The interesting part is, that you can save the digital address code or the location pin and use it any time you need it. There is no need to locate it every time on Google Maps.

With MyLoc you can pin your address and thereby share it with any logistics or delivery service providers also. This will enable them to directly reach the delivery destination accurately and without wasting time. With a GPS tracking app like Google Maps, you will not be able to share the location of your place of work or residence if you are not present at the location. However, with the digital address created for your home through MyLoc, you can easily share your address with a logistics or service provider trying to locate your address. You can create your location pin for free, own your location pin, and use it at the time of sharing it with ease.


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