what are the main features of MyLoc

What are the main features of myLoc?

Sometimes or the other you would have faced a problem with the internet connectivity of your phone, it happens to all of us every now and then. Under such circumstances if you need to share a location however because of internet issues possibly caused by bad weather, what would you do? If you were limited to a phone call, how would you share your location? The solution is a shareable address provided by MyLoc. With such a unique address available, you will never need to struggle to explain directions to anyone, all you need to do is share with them your MyLoc shareable address verbally over the phone.

How MyLoc works

MyLoc stands for ‘my location’ in brief. There are many scenarios where you may want to share a pre-saved location however you can’t for a myriad of reasons.  The primary benefit of the location sharing feature is it can be shared verbally, and not over the internet as a location. For example, if you pin your address on the MyLoc site, it’ll generate a unique address for you. The unique address will look something like ‘myloc.in/home’ or ‘myloc.in/yourname’. Such an address can easily be shared over the phone with anyone, and upon feeding that in, they will receive that complete address with directions and details. Such a feature/facility has many benefits and uses, and the best part is it’s free to register and use, and you can create 2 shareable addresses.

Additionally, the other feature is that the MyLoc address can be anywhere in the world, and that provides you with a lot of flexibility. Pinning any address that you frequently use online, will help you to share that address without using the internet. If you receive a call about your address, and you do have a shareable address, you can share it instantaneously over a phone call. The service is free and you can quickly generate 2 pins/unique addresses for yourself. It makes sense to make the most of services such as MyLoc as most things are online based now. Going by current trends, it does not appear that things are going to go offline any time soon. Most of the information that you will require to generate your shareable address on the MyLoc website is published where you require it. The website is easy to use and self-explanatory.

The primary feature of MyLoc

From a safety perspective or an emergency situation perspective, the feature of MyLoc is extremely helpful. Additionally, from a convenience perspective as well the shareable address or the MyLoc pin that you will receive makes sharing that address simpler than ever before. If you have a dead phone or no phone, then the MyLoc shareable pin is useful and in a bad situation is extremely helpful. The uses of the MyLoc unique address are many fold and those are all not just for convenience’s sake but also for real life situations. Additionally, because it hardly takes a few minutes to register on the MyLoc website, and generate a shareable address, which is absolutely free of charge, you should have it regardless of where you live.

With a pinned address on the cloud and a shareable address that can be shared by the person you’re sharing your shareable address with, you can do it without the use of a smartphone. Without the use of the shareable address/pin by MyLoc, sharing your address or a location will be a time-consuming process. In addition to the shareable address, when you are creating your account and uploading the details on the MyLoc site there is also an option to upload pictures of nearby landmarks, and also write a small note of instructions if you wish. When you share your address the receiver of the unique address will also gain access to all the detailed instructions you’ve uploaded.


For creating an account on the MyLoc site simply login and register. Creating shareable addresses is free and extremely useful for all people today. If you wish to reach us we encourage you to contact us via our contact form or contact page, we will respond to your queries within 24 working hours at the most.


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