What makes MyLoc stand out from other location-sharing apps?

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There are many location-sharing apps available now, however, MyLoc offers its users a unique addressto share. While no other app currently enables you to share prior saved locations without the use of the internet, MyLoc pins are short and simple, stay in the mind of everyone, and enable the user to do just that by providing unique address pins for the locations that they have saved. MyLoc is a cloud-based service and enables you to save and share addresses anywhere in the world. With non-dependence on the internet for the sharer of the shareable address,  all that is required by the user is to create their MyLoc ID on the website and they will be able to share their MyLoc pin easily via phone call, text, or during casual conversation.

The benefits of a unique shareable address by MyLoc;

The primary feature that makes your MyLoc shareable address effective as a service is it saves you time, effort, and inconvenience. It makes the process of sharing your address with anyone hassle-free, accurate, and efficient. It prevents you from the time and efforts you have to spend while struggling to share a location, for any reason, with your own address. What is today a unique and novel convenience of being able to share one’s location, over the phone without the use of the internet, will become commonplace tomorrow. It’s not convenience but usefulness, which makes having a ‘unique MyLoc pin/key’ a good decision. An example of this ‘usefulness’ that we mention is as follows; being able to share your home location without the use of the internet, and over the phone instantly.

The receiver of your unique address will feed in the unique address that you have just shared over the phone and get the exact location, with landmarks and detailed instructions. Not only is such a feature/service convenient, but it is also extremely useful in various situations. When the user creates their unique address, they also receive the option of uploading pictures of nearby landmarks and uploading written directions, which the receiver of the unique address will receive. This enables the receiver of the unique address to accurately locate the address.

Pin your frequently used addresses

You will be able to pin your address and generate your unique code freely and quickly for your home or office making it look something like ‘myloc.in/myhome’ or ‘myloc.in/office’. Its usefulness comes to light in any situation where you need to share the location of a pinned address. In the event you need to change/update the address for any reason in the future, it would require an easy and non-complicated process. The process of creating your own unique and shareable addresses is simple, and you will find all the instructions available where you require them on the website.

MyLoc allows you to generate 2 shareable addresses in total that generally work best for residence and place of work, however, it’s up to the user what addresses he/she chooses to pin. You can update the pinned addresses anytime according to your requirements while making the service more convenient to use. The service that MyLoc offers is to meet the diversified requirements of users of online services by facilitating the sharing of the user’s accurate addresses easily.


By creating your own shareable addresses on the MyLoc site, you will be able to quickly share the most used addresses with any service provider who requires sharing of addresses such as cab service, delivery agents, and much more that too without the use of the internet. If you have questions or suggestions, we welcome them, and you can reach us on www.myloc.in

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