What are the common scenarios where you find sharing location helpful?


Pinning your address and generating a unique shareable location pin is a very useful feature to use. The utility of having a person’s unique digital address is that it enables you to share your digital address or location pin over the phone. The precise location helps the person reach your place effortlessly, making it less time-consuming without ostensibly making them lost in the nearby areas.

Now you can just tell them your saved unique address, and they will get the exact location when they feed in the details. In addition to this, you also have the feature of uploading pictures and landmarks along with comments when you create your unique digital address online.

Importance of a Shareable Location Pin

Myloc unique address does a simple job. It converts your home or office address to a digital one, giving you a key or a verbally shareable location pin. A verbally shareable address such as (myloc.in/yourname) makes sharing your address quick and simple. Such a simple URL/unique address is designed to enable the receiver of the information (whoever you choose to share your unique address with) to quickly and simply feed in the URL and the address will pop up on their device automatically. You can create and own your location pin or personalized digital address, save it, and share it when needed. 

Creating, owning, and sharing a digital address is a unique feature. Most people still struggle with sharing their addresses with various service providers, related to online services daily. Now we do live in a world that is heavily dependent on online services, and with online services arises the need for shareable digital addresses.

The philosophy behind the shareable digital address is a simple one. It is a solution to bring a little bit more order into one’s daily life by simplifying a daily chore. Let’s say for example you’re trying to guide a service professional to your home address while you’re in the office. It would be easier if you could say to them over the phone “type in myloc.in/house’ and you will get the address in detail”. To some, this may sound like a very simple service, and in reality, it is a simple solution to a daily chore.

Those who need to share addresses such as their home and office addresses will greatly benefit from a shareable address such as the myloc unique digital address. You do not need the internet to share your digital unique address anymore; you can now share it verbally and quicker than it would be to share your location in any other way or form.

How Does It Work When I Pin My Location?

How you create a shareable address is also simple. Visit the myloc.in the website and create an account. Fill in the various fields with your details, and you will generate a Myloc unique address in minutes. The service is free of cost and extremely easy to use which gives you all the right reasons to have shareable addresses that simply make life easier and simpler. The task of sharing our address comes up all too often in day-to-day life and having a solution to one of life’s regular challenges makes a ton of sense. Creating a unique digital address code for yourself on the Myloc website is easy and you can save a maximum of 2 addresses. These are generally your home and place of work, the addresses that you frequent most often.

When you pin your address on the Myloc website, you create a shareable address that works globally. For example, if you share your address with someone across the world, they will be able to access your address on any internet-enabled device. The Myloc shareable address or the location pin that you can create when you pin your address on the site has as many uses as you have shared your address with service providers. Be the cab drivers, delivery boys, or other service professionals, no one enjoys giving long explanations and reconfirming whether they got the correct address, etc.

Life becomes a lot simpler when you can simply say wait and type in this unique address while sharing. When pinning your address on the Myloc site, you also will receive the option to upload pictures of nearby landmarks and write a brief description as well with directions. The individual you share your address with will receive all the descriptions and landmarks when they type in the unique address shared by you.


You can create a unique address by following the simple directions available on the Myloc website. The purpose of the unique address is to simplify everyone’s life a little as we enter the digital age, by converting your physical address to a simple unique address that does not need the internet to share.


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